Interview with Domino’s Wassenaar: “People see the vehicle coming and the vehicle puts the spotlight on our brand”

A delivery vehicle that has enough space and a high range, and which makes its ‘fleet’ more sustainable. That’s what Stephan van Veen, franchise owner of Domino’s Wassenaar, was looking for. After receiving a tip about the Carver, he decided to invest. Conclusion: according to him, the Carver is the future and well worth the investment. By chance, Stephan van Veen, franchise owner of Domino’s in Wassenaar, discovered the existence of Carver’s electric cars. Following a tip from an enthusiastic job applicant and also Carver owner, he came across the Dutch-made ‘Light Electric Vehicle’.

Choice for the Carver

Previous experiences with an electric vehicle for delivery were not a success. The promised range was rarely met and the build quality wasn’t up to par either. Carver’s story gave Stephan the confidence to invest in a new electric delivery vehicle “We were faced with the choice of a new car or a scooter, and then the Carver came our way.”

Making a more sustainable choice while upgrading the fleet was also a consideration: “this was certainly a consideration, I think electric vehicles are quite interesting. The difference in cost between a Carver and a good quality electric scooter isn’t that much. So I figured, let’s give it a try. It’s a solid compromise between a car and a scooter. But it’s all about the bigger picture for us. Everything just seems to work for us with the Carver.”


Domino’s new Carver has been riding around Wassenaar for the past three months. “It really is a remarkable vehicle, it will practically sell itself. People tend to see it coming, and it draws a lot of attention to our brand. In the first week of ownership, former employees and customers where constantly messaging me, asking “what is that you’ve got driving!?” Needless to say, we’ve piqued the interest from colleagues of other branches.

Safe and covered delivery

Before the deliverers are allowed to drive the Carver they have to follow a short training by Stephan. “I show them how the vehicle drives, it’s all a bit different than usual. Usually they don’t have much experience using a handbrake, for example. But they get used to how it drives pretty quickly”. They are also given an instruction for achieving optimal range with the electric vehicle. “The range is good and by using the charger smartly, in-between deliveries, we can drive all day long.”

The Carver hasn’t had any unforeseen expenses. “The scooters always have a lot of maintenance costs after the first year” the entrepreneur explains. The deliverers haven’t had any damages yet: “as far as safety and damages are concerned, the main advantage is that they can’t slip or fall in the Carver. It is as stable as a car thanks to the tricycle wheelbase.” The deliverers are less vulnerable during their drive and they can also close the doors. “To be honest, I’m also happy to be able to offer my staff a dry ride when it’s raining.”

Driver Paul explains the Carver in full detail to Stephan van Veen.
Carver is the future

If it’s up to Stephan he’s surely going to be employing more Carvers in his delivery fleet. And whether or not he would recommend the Carver to his colleagues? “I would tell them to definitely go for it, especially now it’s possible to get them on a lease contract.”