Discover the benefits

FAST: The ideal city vehicle that you will never miss an appointment with.

AFFORDABLE: The most advantageous form of business electric driving.

RESPONSIBLE: 100% emission-free for sustainable business kilometers.

COMFORTABLE: All-seasons proof, never arrive sweaty or soaken again.

COMPLETE: Room for two plus luggage. Range of 100 km. Recharge anywhere.

More than 70 Carver service points.

Thanks to our partners moobi and JAMES Autoservice, you are always assured of a Carver specialist near you in the Netherlands.

Even more fun with the Dutch Tax Benefits

The tax benefits of the Carver can amount to 80% of the purchase price via the Dutch VAMIL and MIA regulations.

VAMIL / MIA (Dutch deduction for environmental investments)

Buying your Carver for business offers great tax advantages. In addition to the usual deduction options, you can also make use of the VAMIL/MIA scheme. These are special subsidy schemes for environmentally friendly business assets.

  • MIA scheme = Environmental Investment Deduction: With the MIA you benefit from an investment deduction that can be up to 36% of the investment amount. This deduction is in addition to your usual investment deduction.
  • VAMIL scheme = Arbitrary Depreciation Environmental Investments: With the Vamil you can depreciate 75% of the investment costs. This can be done at a time that you decide and provides a liquidity and interest advantage.

When do I have to report my investment to the RVO?

At this moment you can make a reservation for a Carver. The RVO does not see a reservation as an investment in an asset, because it only gives the right to buy. Only when there is an obligation to make a final purchase, a notification can be made to MIA\Vamil. The RVO advises to report within 3 months after the final obligation to buy. This will be the moment Carver Europe B.V. asks you to confirm your order. This will be as soon as there is a concrete delivery date for the Carver reserved by you.

More information about these arrangements can be found here.

You are allowed to write off accelerated investment costs (purchase costs of the Carver) at a time that you determine yourself. This provides a liquidity and interest advantage:

Purchase price Carver ex. VAT = € 8,247.71
VAMIL: 75% of € 8,247.71 = € 6185.78
MIA: 13.5% of 50% of € 8,247.7 = € 556.72
Total directly depreciable investment costs = € 6185.78 + € 556.72 = € 6742.50

Should your company have to pay corporation tax, then there is an extra deduction option for the Carver:
Deductible corporation tax:
If your taxable profit is less than € 200,000, the deduction is 20%: € 6742.50 * 20% = € 1348.50.
For a taxable profit above € 200,000 the deduction is 25%:
€ 6742.50 * 25% = € 1685.62.

In order to be eligible for the VAMIL / MIA, the vehicle must be mentioned on the so-called “Environmental list”. In this list, the Carver falls under code B3118.


No road tax and no bpm

Because the Carver is registered as a moped you pay no road tax and no bpm (tax on passenger cars and motorcycles).

Charging costs

Fully charging the Carver battery costs about € 1,-. Your fuel costs are therefore about € 0.01/km.


You have insured your Carver from € 10,-/month excl VAT WA.


The maintenance costs of your Carver depend on your driving style (tire and brake wear) and the distances you drive. With normal use, the annual maintenance costs will be between € 250,- and € 300,-. For maintenance you can contact one of the 100 service centers [link map locations] of Moobi/James Auto Service.


For privately driven kilometers in a Carver, you need to calculate your own addition. Depending on your income tax scale this addition will be between € 0.14/km and € 0.20/km. Download here an example calculation that Carver has agreed with the tax authorities.


VAMIL / MIA As an entrepreneur you can claim the VAMIL / MIA schemes (deductions Dutch environmental investments). Look here for more information .

Deduction corporate income tax

For companies that have to pay corporate income tax, there is an additional deduction option for the business Carver.