Discover the benefits

FAST: The ideal city vehicle that you will never miss an appointment with.

AFFORDABLE: The most advantageous form of business electric driving.

RESPONSIBLE: 100% emission-free for sustainable business kilometers.

COMFORTABLE: all-seasons proof, never arrive sweaty or soaken again.

COMPLETE: Room for two plus luggage. Range of 100 km. Recharge anywhere.

More than 70 Carver service points.

Thanks to our partners Moobi and James Auto Service, you are always assured of a Carver specialist near you in the Netherlands.

Even more fun with the Dutch Tax Benefits

The tax benefits of the Carver can amount to 80% of the purchase price via the Dutch VAMIL and MIA regulations.

VAMIL / MIA (Dutch deduction for environmental investments)

In the event that a Carver is purchased for business purposes, the investment can be reserved for the VAMIL / MIA (deductions for Dutch environmental investments).

Calculation example:
Purchase price Carver ex. VAT: € 8,247.71
VAMIL: € 6185.78 (= 75% of € 8,247.71)
MIA: € 556.72 (= 13.5% or 50% of € 8,247.71)
Total directly deductible: € 6742.50

Deductible corporate income tax:
Less than € 200,000 – 20%: € 1348,50
More than € 200,000 – 25%: € 1685,62

In order to qualify for the VAMIL / MIA, the vehicle must be mentioned on the so-called “Environmental List”. In the case of the Carver, this is B3118.
The Carver must be registered with a registration number in order to qualify for the VAMIL / MIA and therefore falls under the 21% tax rule.

Official RVO site:

Official ‘Environment list 2019’: