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Carver comes with 80 km/h and long range variant

Faster or longer? Carver introduces the Carver S+, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h and the R+, the 45 km version that now has a range of 130 km. With the new versions Carver again takes an important step in its strategy to fill in the gap between electric scooters and electric bicycles on the one hand and electric cars on the other hand. With the current fuel prices, the Carver is a real option to save on transport costs. For approximately 1.75 euros, you can 'carve' up to 130 kilometres without a hitch.

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  • From now on, service-to-home at Carver

    From now on, service-to-home at Carver

    Leeuwarden, 12 October 2022 – Owners of an electric Carver, known for its narrow city vehicles with unique tilting technology, will now receive service servicing and maintenance at home. Carver has partnered with Get Bike Service (GBS) mechanics for this purpose. For warranty, service is free, for service and maintenance a minimum call-out fee is charged. Home service is offered throughout the country. GBS mechanics are specially trained by Carver and always have an up-to-date parts stock. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for Carver drivers.

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  • Carver launches taxi partner-ship in Malta

    Carver launches taxi partner-ship in Malta

    Leeuwarden/Valletta, 6th Oc-tober 2022 – As of now, at least 25 Carvers are driving through the streets of the Maltese capi-tal, Valletta. The Carver is used as a taxi there, allowing residents and tourists to easily navigate the narrow streets of the ancient capital city. For this purpose, Carver has entered into a partnership with a mobility platform (Bolt). With this partnership, Carver is hoping to offer a solution that will keep the old town centre habitable and accessible. Since the Carver has a driving range of up to 130km for an energy price of just under three euros, the Carver is the perfect solution for affordable (taxi)transportation.

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