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Carver comes with 80 km/h and long range variant

Faster or longer? Carver introduces the Carver S+, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h and the R+, the 45 km version that now has a range of 130 km. With the new versions Carver again takes an important step in its strategy to fill in the gap between electric scooters and electric bicycles on the one hand and electric cars on the other hand. With the current fuel prices, the Carver is a real option to save on transport costs. For approximately 1.75 euros, you can 'carve' up to 130 kilometres without a hitch.

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  • How to: cargo space

    How to: cargo space

    In this how-to video, we show you the volume of the Carver’s cargo space and therefore what you can carry.

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  • How to: Dynamic Driving Modes

    How to: Dynamic Driving Modes

    In this how-to video, we explain how the different Dynamic Driving Modes work.

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