Forget what you know about cars, scooters and bikes. This is a new driving experience. Expect a big smile from door tot door, 365 days a year.


Traffic jams or parking issues? No longer your problem! Surrender yourself to the incomparable driving experience and exhilarating tilt sensation at every turn. Fun comes standard.


Turn the streets into your personal playground for € 9.890,- and ultra-low monthly charges. A fun way to make a difference every day. Carver makes electric driving affordable for everyone.


Just drive it like a car and the Carver takes care of the rest. You do not need any special skills, as you will soon experience during a test drive.


The sturdy steel cage of the ‘cockpit’ will protect you from outside impact. The unique tilting device keeps you balanced and secure.


Warm and dry in all seasons. With your navigation, playlists and contacts within reach. Plus space for a passenger and 75 liters of luggage.


The electric Carver is emission-free, space-saving and silent. You can charge via any available power outlet. One battery charge takes you from Amsterdam to Utrecht and back.



With the smart Carver app you stay in touch with your Carver. Park it everywhere; it even fits through your front door. Agile and handy as a two-wheeler, comfortable and safe as a car.


Feel free to go wherever you want to go. Park anywhere and skip every traffic jam. Enjoy your freedom with the new Carver


Carver offers a national service network in the Netherlands through the EV specialists Moobi and JAMES Autoservice. With 100 service-points at the end of 2019, you’ll always find one in your area!


An extra bonus: the Carver is a “soft top convertible”. You can roll up the roof in no time. Let the sunshine in!

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