All the information about the service & maintenance for your Carver

Service locations

At Carver we strive to produce vehicles of the best quality. This means that we also want to provide the best service. We do everything we can so that you can keep driving. Our service partners are equipped to provide that good service. We therefore recommend that you be affiliated with a Carver certified service point, so that you can always come here for service, questions and maintenance.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about when your Carver is due for service or want to know about the manufacturer’s warranty? Then check out our frequently asked questions first.


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Service locations


Oosterwolde – Auto Kort

Hornleger 2A 8431 HL

051 642 2211


There are currently no Carver service points in Groningen.


There are currently no Carver service points in Drenthe


Zwolle – Autobedrijf Bert Wieten

Boeierweg 11 8042 PV

038 421 21 28


Doetinchem – E-Bike Gelderland

Rozengaardseweg 21 7001 DN

041 851 22 18


Zaltbommel – Autobedrijf van Tilborg

Nieuwe Tijningen 2 5301 DA

041 851 22 18


There are currently no Carver service points in Flevoland


Zaandam – Vinkmobiliteit

Oostzijde 374B 1508 EV

075 616 79 18


Haarlem – Steeman Automotive

Eysinkweg 67 2014 SB

023 553 1000


Den Hoorn – Kleyweg Automotive

Woudseweg 134a 2635 CG

015 262 70 35


Krimpen aan den IJssel – Autobedrijf Broere

Lekdijk 73 2921 AC

018 051 50 55


Maasdam – Auto van den Burgh

Sportlaan 1 3299 XG

078 676 10 00


Amersfoort – Autobedrijf Daatselaar

Siliciumweg 95 3812 SW

033 465 64 10


IJsselstein – Autoservice Cartechnics

Kamerlingh Onneslaan 19 3401 MZ

030 299 30 09


Utrecht – Nefkens

Meijewetering 19 3543 AA
025 281 00 00


Veenendaal – Ron Mini Cars

Standaardruiter 21-10 5301 DA

031 855 45 78


Den Bosch – Nefkens

Rietveldenweg 38 5222 AR

073 621 91 04


Eindhoven – Driessen E-mobility

Vaalserbergweg 315 5628 CH

040 264 65 60


Tilburg – Nefkens

Kraaivenstraat 24 A-26 5048 AB

013 463 43 55



Zierikzee – Goedbloed Auto’s

Oudeweg 1 4301 TC

011 141 49 51


Sittard – Janssen Kerres Automotive

Bergerweg 69 6135 KD

046 451 10 51


No answer found

Frequently asked questions

What is the manufacturer’s warranty on a Carver?

Your Carver has a two-year warranty from the time of delivery, provided the Carver is used and maintained with care.

How often does my Carver require maintenance?

Your Carver will stay in top condition if you stick to the recommended maintenance intervals:

  • ● The minor maintenance check every 3,000 km (or once a year, whichever is sooner)
  • ● The major maintenance check every 6,000 km (or every 2 years, whichever is sooner)

These maintenance checks, performed by a Carver approved technician or mechanic are necessary to claim the warranty in the first 2 years after the purchase of your Carver.

Which service point will perform my service and maintenance?

When you buy your Carver at one of our sales points, you can also go there for service and maintenance of your Carver. If not, please contact us at or call us at 085 130 24 84. We would be happy to review our service and maintenance options with you and see which one best suits your needs.

What are the costs of a maintenance service?

For more information on the cost of servicing, please contact your Carver service point.

I am standing still with my Carver, what should I do?

It may happen that you find your Carver stopped on the road due to damage or a breakdown. In that case, first call your insurance company to have your Carver repaired. If this is not an option, contact the service point in your area.

What do I do if my Carver is damaged?

In case of damage to your Carver, please contact us at or call us at 085 130 24 84. We will be happy to refer you to one of our Carver certified bodyshops. The body shop will then ask you to contact your insurance company. If the insurer agrees, the damage repair process will then begin.

I have a question that is not listed here

For many questions about service and maintenance, you can visit one of our Carver certified service points. Can they not answer your question? Please contact us at or call us at 085 130 24 84.