Enjoy the snow with 8 Carver winter tips

It is winter time, the temperature is cold and there is snow on the road. You are about to hop into your favourite Carver and leave, but when you turn the key you immediately see an on-screen message: “Battery Cold Power is Reduced”. You quickly remove the key from the ignition. What does this message actually mean, and can you drive a Carver in cold weather?

The Carver is a vehicle that can be driven all year round. Even with freezing temperatures! With these temperatures, the battery is very cold. This affects battery operation and power. In extreme cold, the loss of power can be around 30 kilometres, this is common for electric vehicles but something to consider when planning a trip. To make driving a Carver in winter trouble-free, following the winter tips below is a smart idea.

8 Carver winter tips

  1. Warm up the battery
    Battery cells of a battery do not cope well with cold temperatures. To avoid damaging the cells, it is important to drive at a lower speed initially after start-up. After a few minutes, the cells are sufficiently warmed up to use all the power again.
  2. Charging for a few minutes before departure
    Another way to warm up the battery cells and avoid the “Battery Cold” message is to put the Carver on the charger for 15 minutes before you leave. Connecting the vehicle to the charger overnight (or when not in use) is also an option.
  3. Heater and windscreen heater on
    Are the above tips not working sufficiently? If so, turn on the heater and windscreen heater. While this consumes some of the battery’s capacity, it also heat up faster, allowing the Carver to reach full power sooner.
  4. Covered parking
    If you have the option, park the Carver under a roof or in a garage. This saves a few degrees in temperature and an added benefit is protection from other winter conditions such as snow or rain. Don’t have this luxury? You could consider using a special Carver cover. This does not protect the Carver as much as in a garage, but it does make it waterproof. You can easily order this cover through your dealer.
  5. Calm driving style
    The Carver has now warmed up and is driving perfectly again. A layer of snow is still on the road, and new winter precipitation is approaching. Although there are no more notifications in the screen, it is important to maintain a quieter driving style than usual. Avoid slipping on roundabouts and adjust driving style during heavy rain or snowfall.
  6. Anti-freeze wiper fluid
    Also remember to change the windscreen wiper fluid for an anti-freeze equivalent to prevent this component from breaking down. Spraying with standard liquid in freezing temperatures is dangerous too; it can freeze directly on the window and severely impair visibility.
  7. Check your tyre tread & pressure
    As a final note, an important element for any vehicle: check that all tyres still have sufficient tread and the correct pressure. This has a major impact on the Carver’s handling and is important to keep a close eye on in both summer and winter.
  8. LED lights for better visibility
    With the LED lights option, road visibility is a lot better in the Carver. At dusk and dark, the driver has an optimal overview. No LED lights in your Carver yet? Consult your dealer to install this option.

Following these winter tips, you will be well equipped to drive a Carver in winter. Still have questions or comments? Feel free to ask your dealer or service point!