About us

Why do we need 2 tons of steel to transport 1 person?

That is the question Ton van den Brink asked himself in the 1990s in Paris. The Dutch entrepreneur was stuck in traffic jams and surrounded by rows of cars with only one driver,

From then on, Ton began to dream of a compact vehicle. Safe and comfortable like a car, fast and agile like a motorcycle. A mobility solution that had to unite all the advantages of traditional vehicles.

Dynamic Vehicle Control

Shortly thereafter, a team of Dutch engineers, led by Ton’s son – Chris van den Brink – began designing a new city vehicle: an ultra-small, roofed tricycle. Many times smaller, lighter and more maneuverable than the traditional car.

The big challenge with narrow, closed vehicles is to avoid going under. With a two-wheeler, you use your feet. With a covered tricycle, you can’t. So the vehicle itself must be made smarter.

After years of experimentation, Chris and his team discovered the magic solution: Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC). An innovative tilt system where the tilt angle of the vehicle is directly linked to the driver’s driving behavior.

Carver One

In 2003, after many prototypes, the Carver One came on the market. The first vehicle in the world in which the properties of a car and motorcycle were successfully united. With a 660 cc turbo engine and a top speed of 185 km/h. In the end, 250 examples were produced.

With rave reviews, the Carver One was ahead of its time then. Today, the Carver One is an exclusive collector’s item, rarer than a Porsche 918 Spyder. How well the vehicle performed is evident in the “raving reviews” of Top Gear and Jay Leno’s Garage from the time.


After sales of the Carver ONE stopped, the dream of developing a narrow and closed vehicle remained. Combining the unique patented tilting technology with green driving, the engineers started building prototypes.

In 2018, the 100% electric Carver emerged from this development. An alternative mobility solution that makes it possible for everyone to drive smarter, faster, cleaner and cheaper from A to B. The Carver combines the advantages of a car and a scooter. Thanks to a patented tilting system, you will have an incomparable driving experience in the Carver.

Carver Cargo

The success of the Carver gave rise to the idea of launching a new model with more loading space. This idea arose as a solution to the decision of many municipalities that city logistics must be completely emission-free by 2025. This means no more trucks, vans or delivery vans running on petrol or diesel, but sustainable alternatives such as vehicles running on electricity, hydrogen or muscle power.

This was the start when the Carver Cargo was launched in 2020. Instead of two people, the Carver Cargo has room for one person and a large cargo space of no less than 500 litres.