Warranty Conditions

Clause 1. Warranty
  1. These warranty conditions apply to all Carver products and agreements between a Customer and Carver.
  2. All Carver products have a warranty period of 2 years. For the battery a period of 2 years applies.or 1,000 charge cycles, depending on which condition occurs earlier.
  3. De Klant kan enkel een aanspraak op de garantie doen wanneer de originele aankoopbon en pakbon kunnen worden getoond aan Carver. Alleen de eerste eigenaar heeft recht op garantie. The warranty is not transferable.
  4. The warranty period commences at the time of delivery to the Customer.
Clause 2. Warranty exclusions
  1. In the following cases, the warranty lapses or a claim under the warranty is excluded:
    • The product has been used improperly or carelessly or has been damaged by a traffic accident or fall;
    • The damage is due to normal wear and tear;
    • The product is insufficiently maintained by the Customer;
    • Repairs incompetent or not by Carver or a third party appointed by Carver are carried out;
    • Non-original parts have been used for repairs;
    • The product has been changed;
    • Climatic influences such as normal weathering or discoloration of (parts of) the product;
    • When the product has been used for rental.
  2. The following parts are excluded from warranty: tires.
Clause 3. Labour costs on parts in case of guarantee

During the warranty period, all parts found by Carver to be defective in material and/or construction will, at Carver’s discretion, be repaired or replaced. Any costs of (dis)assembly shall be borne by the Customer, if the Customer may be expected to be able to assemble the part to be replaced himself.

Clause 4. Notification of defect, submission of a claim under the guarantee
  1. Defects and claims under this warranty must be submitted by the Customer to Carver by e-mail, quoting the order number and photo of the part in question, within 7 calendar days after discovery of the defect. Should it be necessary for Carver to inspect the product to assess the defect/claim, Carver may require it to inspect the product for assessment and a suitable solution will be found for the inspection in consultation with the Customer.
  2. Carver reserves the right to determine whether the product or a part qualifies for repair or replacement. In case of replacement, the product becomes (again) the property of Carver.
  3. Carver will acknowledge or reject the claim within a reasonable period of time.
  4. Any costs of transport of (parts of) the product to and from Carver shall be borne by the Customer, unless the defect is covered by the warranty.
Clause 5. Liability

A warranty claim honored by Carver does not automatically mean that Carver also accepts liability for any damage suffered. The liability of Carver never extends beyond what is described in these warranty conditions and / or the applicable terms and conditions of Carver.

Clause 6. Other
  1. Any agreement between Carver and a Customer shall be governed exclusively by Dutch law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (the ‘Vienna Sales Convention’) shall not apply.
  2. In the event of a dispute between Carver and a Customer, Carver will attempt to resolve the dispute satisfactorily in proper consultation. Should this not be possible, the parties will submit the dispute to the court that has jurisdiction according to the statutory rules.
  3. These warranty conditions are valid from 1 August 2018.