The inspiring story of Wiradj Rampartaap and his Carver

In the heart of The Hague, you will find driving school Snelway Rijopleidingen, owned by enthusiastic Wiradj Rampartaap. Wiradj is a passionate instructor with 20 years of experience including 10 years of moped driving lessons. He is happy to share his extraordinary story of how the Carver changed his work in a remarkable way.

The search for the ideal vehicle

After 10 years of teaching, Wiradj noticed that his back was starting to hurt. The pain complicated his passion for teaching students and threatened to affect his work. Determined to continue with his work, he searched for a solution: a vehicle with seating comfort.

After testing different vehicles, Wiradj, finally found his ideal mode of transport in the Carver. The choice of the Carver has proved to be the right one, as this vehicle has given him the opportunity to continue giving scooter lessons from a covered vehicle. What really distinguishes the Carver is the driving range and improved visibility over other options, which is crucial for his work as an instructor.

Additional advantages

Thanks to a number of customisations to the Carver, Wiradj can now follow and instruct his students comfortably and protected from rain. And most importantly, his back pain is history. The covered space allows him to interact efficiently with his students through a communication system.

Mobile advertising in The Hague, Rijswijk and Zoetermeer

The Carver has not only added personal value for Wiradj, but is also a mobile billboard for Snelway Rijopleidingen. As he travels the streets of The Hague, Rijswijk and Zoetermeer, his eye-catching orange Carver attracts the attention of people passing by and drivers. People are enthusiastic and recognise him immediately. The Carver made sure everyone knows what Snelway Rijopleidingen is.


To ensure that his Carver always remains in top condition, he relies on Autobedrijf Broere’s excellent service and maintenance expertise. For Wiradj Rampartaap, the Carver is not just a practical solution to his back problems, but also a source of joy and success in his career as a driving instructor. This allows him to continue to share his passion for teaching with his students and conquer the streets of The Hague.