HomeVet Turns Heads in Amsterdam

If you live in the heart of Amsterdam, you probably already know about HomeVet and have seen veterinarian Delphine Vromman-Ural cruising around town to her appointments. Delphine’s story is a testament to how innovative thinking, a unique mode of transportation, and a dedication to her 4-legged patients have turned her vet service into a roaring success.

HomeVet and Carver

For the past three years, Delphine has been using her Carver microcar to make house calls for pet appointments in downtown Amsterdam. Her choice of transportation wasn’t just practical: it was also a head-turner. The Carver’s distinctive design, with its lean and agile appearance, has attracted attention from both pet owners and passersby alike. Delphine chuckles as she recalls how she’s become somewhat of a local celebrity due to her Carver. People can’t help but stop and take pictures of the “cool vet” in her innovative and eye-catching ride.

Advertising on the move

Delphine also loves the fact that her Carver serves as a moving advertisement for her practice. Her logo, phone number, and website are prominently displayed on the vehicle, making it easy for potential clients to get in touch. The striking appearance of the Carver has left a lasting impression on anyone who sees it, which she attributes to the expansion of her business.

Easily navigating

The Carver has proven to be the perfect microcar for navigating Amsterdam’s bustling streets. Its compact size allows Delphine to find parking spots with ease, glide through narrow streets, and quickly reach appointments in the city center. Its versatility has been invaluable in helping her provide top-notch care to her pet patients.

More Carvers!

The demand for her unique at-home veterinary services has skyrocketed. As a result, Delphine has decided to bring on another talented vet to support the expansion and order another Carver. She will take over the new Carver R+ and her Carver will be used to the new doctor on board.

Delphine has carefully considered her options, looking at other microcars on the market. Still, she was determined to avoid the stigma associated with some of them, ensuring that her choice of vehicle remained true to her brand’s identity. She wanted a vehicle that not only stood out but also exuded the same level of uniqueness and quality that she offers her clients in pet care.

If you see her in town, give her a wave. Surely you’ll get one back!