Proud owner of the first Carver S+ in The Netherlands

A few years ago Lucas Reijmer was one of the first to buy the Carver Base. When Lucas heard about the S+ he ordered it as soon as possible. Because the S+ can go 80 km per hour instead of 45 km per hour and for him that means even more driving pleasure.

Fun factor

Initially Lucas bought a Carver for fun, he had been looking for a three wheeled vehicle for some time. When the first Carver came on the market Lucas was immediately sold, partly due to the belief that it’s just crazy to sit in a 5 passenger car while driving it alone.


Lucas uses the Carver mainly for his work. He drives to many different cities, so it is more convenient to use the provincial roads instead of the side roads. Lucas also used his previous Carver for his work, only for the further distances he was looking for more speed to get along in traffic. This makes the S+ for Lucas a real godsend and an even bigger competitor to the car. Since Lucas has had the Carver, he has traded in his car for another type. Lucas really sees the Carver as a second car.

“Because you can drive with the usual traffic, you notice that you don’t really miss the car in any way.”


When Lucas goes to work, he often charges the Carver in the meantime. Despite the rise in energy prices, the costs of charging are still very low. In this way, Lucas keeps a lot of his mileage allowance.

A real hit

For Lucas, the Carver S+ is a real hit. He uses the Carver for many other journeys as well as work. “I enjoy driving it, when the weather is nice the roof is opened and the windows are out. I also regularly drive the Carver with my wife and the dog, which fits perfectly. I also use it for practical things like shopping. You can take quite a lot of things in the Carver.