Landal Greenparks has Carver

Landal GreenParks purchased the Carver Cargo as a solution for their park. Together with Carver, Landal is creating a sustainable park.

A better parc

Landal GreenParks recently purchased the Carver Cargo as a transportation solution for their park. Together with Carver, Landal Greenparks provides the most environmentally friendly and peaceful park possible. “The Carver Cargo is the best transportation solution for us because it is electric, maneuverable and convenient.”

In a Carver, thanks to its 500 liters of cargo space, all cleaning supplies can be carried. In addition, searching for a parking spot is a thing of the past because the Carver can always find a spot thanks to its compact size. Above all, the vehicle drives noiselessly through the park, so the Carver never causes inconvenience to guests.

The best choice for Landal

Landal had a choice of several vehicles but…

“We had no hesitation in buying the Carver Cargo.”

The “Shiftleader Housekeeping” enjoys using the Cargo: “The biggest advantages of the Cargo are the cargo space and that you always arrive dry.

“The colleagues at the park really like the Cargo, but there is also a lot of viewing from the guests.”

The Carver Cargo is not only loved by colleagues at the park, guests also show great interest in this special transportation solution. So it is no surprise that Landal GreenParks is getting more attention at the park thanks to the Carver Cargo.

Carver at Landal

Increasingly sustainable

More and more companies are opting for electric. Starting in 2025, many municipalities are going to create zero-emission inner cities, this does require businesses to switch. More and more companies are choosing Carver for this reason, including cleaning companies De Lelie and CSU. Carver is proving to be the best choice for businesses of the future.

Carver helps Landal

With the Carver Cargo, Landal GreenParks Stranddorp Resort Oud Duin has found a sustainable and practical solution for transportation at their parks. It is not only good for the environment, but also for the efficiency of the team. With the electric Carver, Landal Greenparks is contributing to nature-friendly parks without noise pollution. This is not only better for the guests, but this way the beautiful natural area will gain more respect.

Thanks to the cooperation with Goedbloed Auto’s, Landal has a strong partner for all communication and service regarding the Cargo. This dealer is closely associated with the resort and is ready for future mobility solutions.

Landal parc