Why does the Carver tilt?

Have you ever wondered why the Carver tilts through the corners? Besides giving you a super driving experience of course, the tilting has an important function in the design of the Carver. It is the innovative tilt technology that ensures you are as agile as on a scooter and as comfortable as in a car. A mobility solution that brings together all the advantages of traditional vehicles: the Carver.

Maneuverability like a scooter

If you ride a scooter, then you’ve probably noticed that you ride at an angle through the curve. This ensures that as a driver, you are agile and can easily ride in traffic.

Comfortable as a car

In a car you ride comfortably, covered and safe. If you want to ride as comfortably as in a car and maintain the maneuverability of a scooter then an automatic balancing system is needed.

Agile and comfortable in the Carver

The big challenge for designing a narrow and closed vehicle is that it is not stable by itself. Tilting like with a scooter requires effort from your balance organ and dexterity as a driver. The Carver was born from the idea of bringing together the advantages of the two vehicles. To make this possible, Carver engineers developed an innovative tipping technology; Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC™).

Dynamic Vehicle Control

At the heart of every Carver you will find the patented Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC™). The technology causes the Carver to tilt automatically, taking over, as it were, the human organ of balance. By automatically linking the tilt angle of your cockpit to your driving behavior, the DVC™ ensures an optimal distribution of gravity under all conditions. Faster through the turn automatically means you tilt further. As you ride, the system flawlessly regulates your balance in bends, inclines and bumps. The DVC™ reacts automatically to the driving behavior of the driver.

The result is safety, super handling, agility and stability in the corners. The Carver gives the feeling of floating over the road and has a high fun factor.