The Carver as a driving billboard

Using your vehicle as an advertising tool? That’s the perfect combination for many companies. The Carvers and Carver Cargoes are available in different colors, but nothing is better than a vehicle in your own corporate identity.


By wrapping a Carver, you completely or partially cover the Carver with a layer of wrap film. An added bonus of wrapping is that you protect the paint of the Carver. By designing your own wrapping you can make the Carver completely in your own style. Bright yellow, a certain pattern or all the colors of the rainbow, the possibilities are endless. You can also choose for a partial wrap. For example, is the Carver white and is this color partially in your corporate identity? If so, check out the options for only wrapping the front or back. A half or partial wrap saves on costs and with a good design it can be just as cool as a full wrap. We have listed a number of examples for you.


Is a wrap not quite what you’re looking for? Then you can also add stickers to the Carver. By simply adding your logo, you can make the Carver look more like your own. Here too we have collected some nice examples for you.

Possibilities for your company

Curious about the possibilities? Then get in touch with us.