Blokker and Carver join forces to deliver parcels greener, faster and safer

Amsterdam, 10 June 2022 – Blokker is launching a pilot with its own sustainable delivery service in Leeuwarden. With the slogan “Blokker brings it to your home”, Blokker employees will use the electric tricycle Carver Cargo to deliver packages to customers. Because ordered products are taken directly from the shop warehouse, virtually all packages can be delivered from shop to front door on the same day.

Blokker Express 2.0 – Blokker brings it (green) to your door

After the success of Blokker Express last year – when its own employees delivered products ordered online to customers’ homes during the enforced shop closure – the company is again serving its customers by delivering packages to their homes in a sustainable, fast and also safe way. Last summer, Blokker Express led to cooperation with Packaly, a sustainable bicycle courier. The cooperation with Carver is therefore a good second step by Blokker towards CO2-neutral delivery.

Ruben Danhof (manager), Anton Rosier and Jeanine Holscher

Jeanine Holscher , CEO of Blokker: “I am proud of the enthusiasm and entrepreneurship of our employees who have indicated that they would like to deliver packages to their homes themselves. Fast and sustainable delivery is increasingly becoming the norm within the retail landscape, and Carver’s electric tricycle offers us a very nice delivery option that fits in seamlessly with our strategy. I see this as an excellent opportunity to combine service with sustainability.

Anton Rosier, CEO of Carver: “The Carver Cargo is perfect for Blokker. Not only is it an electric vehicle, but thanks to its compact size, the Carver Cargo also has a small CO2 footprint. When making deliveries, drivers are dry and safe, which makes it very pleasant to drive. The pinnacle of sustainability: Blokker products delivered in the Carver Cargo!