Interview with psychotherapist Just Wong Fong Sang

Even in his early childhood memories, Just Wong Fong Sang had a fascination for vehicles that could offer maximum driving experience. The Carver not only takes the psychotherapist on home visits to his clients, but also entertains them. From childhood dream to eco-friendly transport to source of life’s pleasures.

Childhood dream and experience

In search of the ultimate driving experience, Just Wong Fong Sang has been in his early student days. As a young boy, he enjoyed riding around on two-wheeled vehicles. “But how can you ride around on your moped in the cold in the Netherlands? “That’s how I developed a fascination at an early age with interesting designs, such as the two-seater Messerschmitt KR200.” A combination of creativity and technology, that is how Just describes his former dream car. But in his student days it was unattainable and later this dream car was not owned either. With the arrival of the new Carver, it was as if a dream had become reality. Just was looking forward to it with a tingle. “This has to be it, this is the future, I thought to myself.

Proud owner Just Wong Fong Sang

Just is a psychotherapist and works in trauma counselling in Enschede and Veghel. As a specialist, he helps people with complicated and structural problems or disorders, for example as a result of traumatic experiences. A tough profession, but that is where the Carver comes in. “You have to have a Carver feeling, it doesn’t have to go fast. It’s about the experience, that you are in contact with the outside world, your environment and have control in that world.” That is also what Just wants to convey to his clients: “I want my clients to become aware of the fact that they themselves have many qualities to work with. People tend to forget that because of negative input from their environment.

Conformism does not change the world

With his electric city vehicle, the psychotherapist visits clients at home, but the Carver is also his service vehicle for acute cases. “When they see me coming, they are immediately distracted. Then their mindset is immediately changed.” The Carver ensures that people are surprised. “The design stimulates the imagination and helps people think outside the box. I want to show that life is fun and beautiful. By drawing attention to an exceptional way of driving”. For that reason, he also has a recumbent bicycle, but since the arrival of the Carver, he doesn’t use it much anymore. “With the bike I train my condition, with my electric Carver I train my mind” he says with a wink.

“Off the beaten track, that is my life. Conformism doesn’t change the world. And the designers of Carver thought so too.” This is how Just describes his dream vehicle. Of course, the psychotherapist also has an eye for the practical side of the Carver. What makes the ‘Light Electric Vehicle’ special is the efficiency of its energy consumption. “100 kilometres for one euro, who wouldn’t want that? The reality is that we also need to have respect for the environment and reflect on our use of nature.” People always ask Just questions when they see him standing there and engage in conversation. “And afterwards they immediately want to have such a LEV too.”