Interview with teacher Ha Nguyen: “The Carver is now my rain gear, perfect for commuting”

Since October 2020, Ha Nguyen has owned her Carver and likes it immensely. Ha’s been a fan ever since her first test drive in Carver’s ‘Light Electric Vehicle’. Ha Nguyen is a maths teacher at a secondary school in the Dutch city of Enschede. She used to commute by motor scooter or on the bicycle, but more often than not, this was not a pleasant experience.

Carver as rainproof clothing

Ha regularly brings several shoulder bags with laptops and other heavy gear to work. On her motor scooter, this became less and less of a practical solution, carrying a multitude of bags and briefcases. A top case for her moped turned out to be merely a temporary solution. The maths teacher also likes to wear nice clothes and therefore, like many of us, doesn’t like rain. “My workplace isn’t far from home, but I have to commute a lot during the day. But it doesn’t feel right to take the car. One day I got completely rained on, while I was on my scooter. After that I started looking for other solutions.”

Ha began to search on the internet, looking for solutions to stay dry on her scooter. She found a few internet forums, gathering advice here and there, but none of it was to her liking After a while she came across electric city vehicles. “I was looking at several alternatives. They seemed to be practical, small and electric, but right away I liked the Carver’s design the best.” After a test drive Ha instantly placed an order for her own Carver.

Sizeable transport

The electric Carver is a perfect solution for the teacher from Enschede: “a car easily weighs more than a tonne, which especially in the city, uses a lot of fuel. I can charge my Carver anywhere using a simple power outlet. There’s no switching gears, it’s all automatic so anybody can drive it.” Ha resides in the city centre, where the Carver provides even more advantages. She goes on: “Often it’s after 17:00 when I come home. All the local parking places are taken by that time, but there’s always a few tiny spots where you wouldn’t be able to park a regular car. But with the Carver, it’s no problem!”

The Carver’s size provides Ha with several other advantages; the seating provides an excellent driving position for her length of 1.52m. Her child also likes to ride along every now and then and fully enjoys the experience. Ha’s partner, with a length of 1.90m, is able to create enough space in the front as well as in the back, to comfortably drive or ride along in the Carver.

Ha Nguyen her son and child seat fit perfectly in the back.
Excellent customer service and aftersales

Ha speaks about the aftersales and times she’s been in contact with Carver. “The people at Carver are very friendly, they respond quickly, I’m very happy with the aftersales.” The teacher smiles. “I’m happy with my Carver every day. I don’t have to check the weather forecast every night, I can bring all my teaching materials”. And whether or not she would recommend the Carver? “Yes, that’s a fact!”