Interview with graphic designer Wouter Nijman: “A climate-conscious choice can bring a smile to even the biggest car lovers”.

The Carver is an ideal solution for business travel and commuting. But also for the family, the ‘Light Electric Vehicle’ offers space and possibilities to assist as a second car. Wouter Nijman, entrepreneur and graphic designer in Leeuwarden, saw that the Carver could perfectly fulfill this double role. He also saw that a climate-conscious choice can bring a smile to even the biggest car enthusiasts.

To have or not to have a second car

About 20 years ago, the Purmeren native moved to Leeuwarden. He now lives with his family in a village just outside the city. Wouter worked for years as a lithographer for the packaging industry. “It was a long-cherished dream to start for myself, to work as an entrepreneur. Especially the freedom to plan your own time and to have contact with your own customers, that is what makes it so nice”, he explains.

Wouter and his family are also climate conscious, together they strive for a minimal ecological footprint. Over a year ago, the family noticed that they were using the second car less and less. And Wouter actually wanted to commute in a more environmentally friendly way. “I thought about a speed pedelec or an electric scooter. But then you ride alone, you take your luggage with you and it’s never pleasant in the rain. That’s not very handy when I’m going to my customers”, says Wouter. “And an electric car is really just too much, you’re still driving with two tons of steel to move mainly one person.”

Wouter Nijman in front of the Blokhuispoort
Waiting (un)patiently

Through an advertisement on social media, he tracked down the Carver. As a true car enthusiast, Wouter knows the Carver One well. The unique tilting system and electric driving in a tough city vehicle appeals to him. And thanks to the second seat and space in the back, the family also benefits from the acquisition. “Once we had decided to go for it, we were eager to be able to use it”, he says.

Wouter couldn’t wait to sell his car and get on the road with his new city vehicle. However, the circumstances of last year meant that the delivery was delayed several times. “Of course that was a pity, but we understood that. The people at Carver kept us well informed about the progress of the delivery. You also really get the feeling that the people there are working for you.”

Climate-conscious commuting

Wouter has been enjoying his Carver for about 10 months now. Almost every day he covers his business kilometres with his electric city car. “My customers like to see such a unique car and it’s very easy. I can park anywhere, without having to go to one of the large car parks around the city centre. If it rains I can bring my daughter to school in Leeuwarden.” The Carver meets his requirements perfectly and the family is also happy with the acquisition.

The attention for the city vehicle also remains undiminished. People still look at him or approach him to ask questions. Wouter likes to answer them and tells his fellow entrepreneurs with pleasure about his Carver. “All I can say is; I would just go for it!”