Interview with Carver’s very first customer Hans Kesteloo: “I like beautiful and striking vehicles”.

In 2018, former music entrepreneur Hans Kesteloo (70) from Almere is looking for a new city vehicle for daily use. It has to be a vehicle that he can use without restrictions; the network of cycle paths around his home town is very well laid out. He is also attracted to electric vehicles. It is important that the vehicle has enough room for shopping and offers protection in different weather conditions. Through an acquaintance, Hans found out that car manufacturer Carver is working on developing a “Light Electric Vehicle”. After a test drive, Hans immediately contacts them to place an order.

Remarkable vehicles

Hans will be the first to place an order for the new electric city vehicle in 2018. The Carver is then still in the final stage of development. In anticipation of his order, Hans regularly speaks with Chris van den Brink, founder and CTO of Carver. “Chris’ enthusiasm was very infectious. Later I visited the factory in Leeuwarden, it all looked good. I couldn’t wait to drive the Carver.”

Hans’s Carver in front of his garage

The “early adopter” likes beautiful and striking vehicles. Hans has had a pre-war Rolls Royce and VW Beetle from 1956 completely restored. “The Carver is really for me. It looks great and the tilt mechanism is very special.”

Flexibility on the road: drive and park everywhere

Hans has owned the Carver Limited for almost two years now and uses the LEV every day. “It’s so easy to drive, it has a lot of space in the back and you can park anywhere”. The Almere resident enthusiastically lists the advantages of owning his electric city vehicle: “I really like the size and the speed. I’m twice as fast in the city as by car.” The electric city vehicle takes Hans everywhere. But it doesn’t always have to be fast; Hans also takes the Limited into the countryside, through parks, on cycle paths and small roads. “Recently, the two of us drove to a fishing spot, carrying all our fishing rods. And that went fine.”

That the Carver is a striking appearance should no longer surprise anyone. He says: “In the beginning, people didn’t really know what it was. Twice I was stopped by the police, they didn’t know what they saw. Let’s check whether it was all legal. The electric city vehicle is also causing a stir in the city centre. “I park it in front of the shop where I need to be. A little while later, there are parking attendants looking at it, wondering what to do.” The Limited encourages his rebellious nature. Hans: “You don’t bother with cars, you don’t cause trouble.”

Reliable and practical

The vehicle has been given a sheltered place in the driveway where it is always charged. In addition, his home town has a good infrastructure of cycle paths, which gives him maximum freedom of movement. Especially in the rain, he can no longer do without his Carver. “I am really a driver of fine weather, windows out, roof open. But also in the winter I have used the Carver with a lot of pleasure”, says Hans. tells Hans. “I wouldn’t be able to do without it anymore. In the past year, I’ve only had to refuel my car three times. Most kilometres are driven locally anyway.