Carver launches taxi partnership in Malta

Leeuwarden/Valletta, 6th Oc-tober 2022 – As of now, at least 25 Carvers are driving through the streets of the Maltese capital, Valletta. The Carver is used as a taxi there, allowing residents and tourists to easily navigate the narrow streets of the ancient capital city. For this purpose, Carver has entered into a partnership with a mobility platform (Bolt). With this partnership, Carver is hoping to offer a solution that will keep the old town centre habitable and accessible. Since the Carver has a driving range of up to 130km for an energy price of just under three euros, the Carver is the perfect solution for affordable (taxi) transportation.

Maltese medieval capital seeks more creative modes of transport

Anton Rosier, CEO of Carver: “You notice that more and more mobility platforms are appearing. Bolt is one of the fastest growing mobility platforms in Europe. They’ve already been experimenting for a while with various forms of mobility as a service, specially adapted to the cities where they are available. Consumers can usually choose whether they want to use a taxi, rental car, bike, scooter, and now also a Carver. It was chosen specifically for Valletta because it’s an obvious testing ground. You see more and more old towns buckling under the pressure of too much traffic. Traffic that struggles to worm its way through the medieval town centres. The Carver is an excellent solution for this: small, clean and quiet. It makes towns both a bit more habitable for the local population again and also nicely accessible for tourists.”

Soon Carvers will also be driving through the streets of London and Hong Kong