De Lelie Schoonmaak drives green

As a cleaning company, De Lelie has its hands full. With the Carver Cargo, not only are they more efficient, but they also contribute to a cleaner environment. From the first time De Lelie saw the Carver pass by they were excited, now -nearly a year later- they are sharing their experiences. Still they are thrilled.

Carver convinced immediately

When William saw the Carver pass by in a clip at a colleague’s house around the country, he was immediately sold. “This is the one, I’m going to buy it!” After a test drive at Carver dealer Nefkens, his brother and co-owner was also certain. The Carver is not only convenient for visiting customers, but is also very beneficial for promotion.

The perfect combination of a vehicle

In addition to the Carver, De Lelie also has numerous work buses on display. But the Carver is much more mobile and therefore more efficient. “It’s much more pleasant, the driver is no longer grumbling in traffic jams.” With telescopic equipment, everything needed fits into the Cargo, allowing many cleaning jobs to be picked up. In view of the emission-free zone in Den Bosch, De Lelie must switch to electric vehicles.

“You also want to collaborate on the environment and better business practices that fit with the regulations and laws.”

” For this, a Carver is a finer solution than a cargo bike. “The cargo bike has one big disadvantage that a Carver does not have: you sit comfortably covered whether it rains or not.” In addition, a cargo bike is also less agile and is not always easy to corner. “The Carver is just actually good and solid on the road.”

William de Haas in Carver

Everyone is praising the Carver

The regular driver (Patrick) is overjoyed with the Carver: “He finds it insane to drive around in the vehicle. To get in front of the customer with it and get reactions from the customer.” But other employees are also eager to drive it. “There are colleagues who say, when can I drive?”
And the vehicle also gets a lot of attention on the street: “… seeing people sitting in their cars with a thumbs up every time.” “It’s 100 percent dedicated attention.”

In addition, it is also more pleasant to ride than in a bus, the many poles in downtown do not have to be taken out of the ground first, you can just drive past them. Parking is no longer a problem and traffic jams you also drive past. “The behavior, the better state of mind is really nice though.”

Together towards a better future

De Lelie receives after-sales service from our Carver dealer Nefkens: “I must say that we have very good contacts with Nefkens Den Bosch in that respect. ” De Lelie is also considering buying the Carver S+, which can go up to 80km/h. “The driver also asks: when will I get the S+? Then my brother also says: that’s a cool thing to have with it when we go to the customers. But it’s a luxury, to have with it.” Says William de Haas, proud owner of cleaning company De Lelie, s’Hertogenbosch.

De Lelie Carver