Carver Experiences a Day with home care

To understand how a Carver can assist with home care, Carver spent a few days accompanying a home care worker. In this blog, we’ll follow the morning shift of the worker, and she will share her experiences with us.

Starting the day right, with Carver

The alarm goes off at 6:30 AM: getting a shower, getting dressed, grab a quick bite to eat, and then hop into the car. But not just any car, it’s a Carver. This fun and practical mode of transportation immediately puts a smile on my face, setting a positive tone for the day.

Let’s go to the first Caregiving appointment with the client. Usually it takes me 20 minutes to get there by car, but with the Carver it takes me only 15 minutes. Saving 5 minutes per Caregiving can make a big difference.

After I’ve helped her to get dressed and with her morning routine, I have some extra time to tackle an additional task. I told her goodbye and drove on to the next caregiving appointment.

The Carver in the home care use

Inside in the Carver I connect my phone with the bluetooth system and listen to my favorite playlist. The road is quite busy, but I don’t have to wait long. Usally I’ll drive right through the traffic jams. Thanks to Carver I can relax between caregiving appointments.

Once I arrive at the clients apartment building. I’ll go ahead and park the Carver right infront of the building; I know she tends to grumble if I’m late. Today however, that’s not the case. I’m well ahead of time and proceed to ring the doorbell. She greets me with a big smile, and after a cup of tea, I start with the vacuuming. She likes to help, and wipes down the bathroom. She offers me another cup of tea and a cookie; I know she enjoys my company for a little while. But after ten minutes, I really must be on my way.

I quickly drive to the next caregiving appointment. I’m running a bit behind, but thankfully, I can drive without ant delays. Again I saved 5 minutes by parking the Carver without having to find a parketing spot. I knock on the clients door and hand him the newspaper that I always bring for him. He spots the Carver and looks surprised. I explain to him what an amazing vehicle it is and show him how much storage space it offers. The client seems to be in a good mood and admires the vehicle. I tend to take car of his wounds and assist him with his compression stockings. When I leave, he waves me goodbye.

Also useful after work

My morning shift in finished Thanks to the Carver, I could get a extra moment of rest. Without any hurries I’m driving home, take a stop at the supermarket to get some groceries. Two bags full, one goes in the trunk, and the other on the passenger seat. Back home, I plug the Carver into an extension cord, and it’s fully charged after an hour.