Mr Butler stands out with new delivery vehicle

Nijmegen delivery service Mr Butler has a very special way of delivering the meals that you order. From now on two striking bright pink Carvers will drive through the centre of Nijmegen, attracting the attention of many residents. The electric Carvers provide Mr. Butler with high visibility in the streetscape. With these Carvers Mr Butler wants to replace the previous delivery scooter. If you live outside the city centre, the Carver is faster than the electric bike and more practical than the car.

Daniel from Mr. Butler: ‘We are really happy that we now have two of these modern means of transport. The Carver fills in the gap of the electric scooters perfectly. For our service it is a welcome addition. We are very positive about the large cargo space, action radius and the speed of delivery over longer distances. Above all, the striking colour of the vehicles gives us more recognition. Many people really look up and smile when they see these special ‘cars’. People are curious about what this ‘thing’ is and what it is used for. Moreover, we see that delivery people really like to use the Carver and even former employees have signed up again as a delivery person with us.