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Frequently asked questions

What is Findio?

Findio for car is a specialist in financial services for the automotive branch and a trade name of Ribank N.V. with more than 50 years experience in automotive. Lender Ribank is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 300.95.283 and registered with the Authority Financial Markets (AFM) under number 12010739. Testing and registration with the NCR in Tiel. Financiers Ribank is part of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Nederland B.V. (CACF NL). CACF NL is in turn a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole S.A., one of the world’s largest financial institutions.

What information does Findio need from you?

– Your contact details including date of birth. – Your marital status. If you are in a registered partnership, married or living together, you can only apply for a loan together. – Your family composition (i.e. children under 18 living with you). – Your living environment, income and expenditure details. – Your IBAN account number. By sending this application you grant permission for your details to be checked with Bureau Krediet Registratie (NCR).

What requirements do customers have to fulfil in order to lease?

– You are at least 18 years old. – You live and work in the Netherlands. – You do not have a negative NCR-coding (this is checked by Findio by means of the application form). – You have a permanent or temporary employment contract.

How does the process work from application to the start of the lease?

– Make an application via our website. – Once we have provisionally approved the application, you will receive an email with access to your own online environment. – There you can view your offer and directly upload all documents required for the loan application. – You can do this where and when it suits you: 24/7. – Through text messages and e-mail alerts, we tell you what actions we expect from you. – If you agree with our offer, you can sign the agreement with the push of a button. – Once we have received all documents, your application will be reviewed on the next business day at the latest. – Have we given you final approval? Then we will transfer the money to your account on the next working day.

Where can I see the current status of my lease application?

You and Carver are kept informed of the application and its status via your own online environment and via e-mail or text message.

How does the payment and delivery of the Carver work?

As soon as the lease application is approved you are informed by Findio. Carver or your local dealer will contact you about the delivery.

How does maintenance and any damage/problems to the Carver work?

You are responsible for insuring (third-party insurance is legally required) and maintaining the Carver. You must adhere to the maintenance schedules provided by Carver and periodically present it for maintenance at a service partner certified by Carver. As a user, you are also responsible for damage. You can take out your own insurance for this. Carver will be happy to help you with this.