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Frequently asked questions

What is Findio?

Findio for car is a specialist in financial services for the automotive branch and a trade name of Ribank N.V. with more than 50 years experience in automotive. Lender Ribank is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 300.95.283 and registered with the Authority Financial Markets (AFM) under number 12010739. Testing and registration with the NCR in Tiel. Financiers Ribank is part of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Nederland B.V. (CACF NL). CACF NL is in turn a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole S.A., one of the world’s largest financial institutions.

What information does Findio need from you?

The data is requested in the application process on the basis of previously entered data. In general, it is sufficient to provide the following information: – Customer’s Chamber of Commerce number – Customer’s name and address – Customer’s date of birth – Financing requirements (credit amount, term and any final instalment) – Object details (make, model, year of construction and purchase price ex VAT)

What data is required after credit approval?

– A copy of the business bank card or business bank statement. – Identity cards of the authorised signatories. – A copy of the driving licence for the issue of the registration order. – Final invoice from Carver stating the expected delivery date and license plate or VIN/Chassis number.

What requirements do you have to meet as a customer in order to take out a Financial Lease?

A company registered in the Netherlands: – Creditworthy ( a check with the BKR can be part of the assessment ). – The owner/driver must be at least 18 years of age. – The object to be financed must be used for business purposes and must be in line with the activities carried out within the company.

How long does the process take from application to the start of the conclusion of the financial lease agreement?

– Within 24 hours of sending the application, Carver will receive a response. – In case of a preliminary positive assessment, Carver receives an offer. – Carver will discuss the offer with you. – Upon approval of the offer, you will need to provide a number of documents to Carver. – After receiving the documents, the contract is drawn up and shared with you by Carver. – After receiving the signed contract, registration report and eventually a UBO statement Findio will proceed to pay Carver, this happens within 2 working days.

What factors determine whether the financial lease application is approved?

– The quality of the information provided is correct and complete. – The purchase price of the asset is correct. – The customer’s company has been active for at least one year. – The customer is creditworthy. – The customer has not been involved in incidents in the past (bankruptcies etc.). Ultimately, the lender determines whether they accept the transaction offered. External factors may also play a role.

Where can I see the current status of my lease application?

You and Carver are kept informed of the application and its status via your own online environment and via e-mail.

How does the payment and delivery of the Carver work?

Findio will pay Carver on the day of delivery, based on: – Legally valid signed financial lease agreement. – Correct invoice stating the license plate and VIN/chassis number. With Carver, this also involves the so-called RTL registration with the RDW. This is done by means of an OTT (assignment to registration). This means that the legal owner of the vehicle is registered on the vehicle registration number. In the case of financial lease, this is the financier. When this has been arranged, Carver will contact you to arrange the delivery of your Carver. This will happen at the closest service point.

How does maintenance and any damage/problems to the Carver work?

You are responsible for insuring (third-party insurance is legally required) and maintaining the Carver. You must adhere to the maintenance schedules provided by Carver and periodically present it for maintenance at a service partner certified by Carver. As a user, you are also responsible for damage. You can take out your own insurance for this. Carver will be happy to help you with this.

What happens at the end of the financial lease?

The contract stipulates that at the end of the term, and after all obligations have been met, legal ownership automatically passes to the lessee. After the last payment, the legal ownership lies with the lessee.