Founders hand over baton

Leeuwarden Aug. 23, 2023, Founders of electric Microcar manufacturer Carver, known for its narrow vehicles with unique tilting technology, are handing over the baton. Shareholders confirm confidence with substantial capital injection.

Capital injection for Carver

As of September 1, Giel Franken and Job de Jong will take over day-to-day management from Anton Rosier (CEO) and Chris van den Brink (CTO). Franken and De Jong have worked with Rosier and Van den Brink for many years and know the company inside and out.

We remain closely involved as shareholders in Carver and are confident that the daily management is in good hands, according to Rosier and Van den Brink. The board will be led by shareholders Richard Meester (BNR-Capital B.V.) and Niek van Exel (Urban Vision B.V.).

The company is growing rapidly and is entering a whole new phase. The geographical expansion in Europe is ensuring that production, which takes place in South Korea, is scaling up in capacity.

Shareholders as well as the board and management are optimistic about Carver’s future. The shareholders, BNR Capital B.V. and Urban Vision B.V., have indicated their willingness to increase their stake in Carver with a substantial capital injection. This will secure financing and provide the new management with the financial stability needed to manage the company’s rapid growth.