CSU CARGO Nothing like a green Groningen, with the emission-free CSU Cargo

Together with our customers, partners and employees, we make every effort to minimize our emissions. So too in the city of Groningen, where we are going green with the CSU Carver Cargo: an electric, compact city vehicle. The safety and comfort of a car combined with the maneuverability and size of a scooter. And: 100% emission-free in use.

Source: CSU

Smart, clean and efficient urban logistics

René Clermonts, CSU commercial advisor: “With the CSU Cargo we drive smarter, cleaner and more efficiently. The Cargo drives 45 km per hour and travels 120 km with a battery. Our employees use it, for example, to take care of supplies, cleaning coffee machines and porch cleaning and maintenance at various locations in Groningen city center. So with some 200 customer locations in the city, we realize a huge reduction in emissions. We also bypass traffic congestion and parking problems.”

Just charging the Cargo

“Instead of a passenger seat, there is a cargo box,” René continued. “This allows us to transport 500 liters of material. In the evening, we charge the Cargo at the socket with a 230V plug, the same way you charge your laptop. The pilot was a great success and that is spreading around; CSU colleagues are reporting in from all over the country. They are also keen to start the emission-free Cargo in their region. A wonderful, sustainable development and totally in keeping with CSU’s green ambitions.”

Beginning in Groningen

Groningen decided to be one of the first large municipalities in the Netherlands to implement a zero-emission zone in the city center. The goal: to reduce emissions while keeping the downtown livable, vital and attractive. Since February 1, 2023, delivery vans and trucks have not been driving in the area within the canals outside window hours (05:00 to 12:00); this is the future (from 2025) zero-emission zone.