Carver starts cooperation with British Selfridges

The Frisian electric vehicle manufacturer Carver, known for its narrow urban vehicles with unique tilting technology, has started a partnership with the British Selfridges. In shops in London, Birmingham and Manchester, customers can now test and order the Carver. Customers driving away from the super-luxury department store in Oxfordstreet will not suffer from the so-called London Ultra Low Emission ULEZ charge (£12.50 per day) and Congestion Charge (£15 per day). In addition, the Carver is allowed to use bus lanes in London.

The cooperation with Selfridges fits the Carver strategy to fill the gap between electric scooters and electric bicycles on the one hand and electric cars on the other hand. Especially in big cities, the Carver offers an excellent alternative. Moreover, with the current fuel prices, the Carver is a real option to save on transport costs. For about €1.75, you can ‘carve’ up to 130 kilometres filelessly and electrically. The Carvers on display fit in perfectly with Selfridges’ new concept, called Supermarket. This is an environmentally conscious shop of the future with a selection of innovative and inspiring brands, including Carver.

With Carver S+, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h and a range of 100 km, Carver has great expectations of the British market. In addition, the Carver Cargo R+ offers an excellent alternative for the business market.