Carver launches unique electric delivery vehicle for emission-free inner cities

Zandvoort, 2 October – During the Electric Vehicle Experience event at the Zandvoort circuit, the Dutch company Carver launched an electric cargo vehicle. It was specially developed for emission-free urban logistics, as an alternative to delivery vans and scooters.

Many cities and municipalities, including Utrecht, Rotterdam, Groningen and Nijmegen, have decided that city logistics must be completely emission-free by 2025. This means no more trucks, vans or delivery vans running on petrol or diesel, but sustainable alternatives such as vehicles running on electricity, hydrogen or muscle power. Urban logistics accounts for 35% of road transport-related CO2 emissions and 30-50% of road transport-related air pollution (CE Delft, 2016). Goods transport is essential for a viable city centre, which is why Carver has developed a unique, manoeuvrable and sustainable alternative to delivery vans and scooters.

Besides the electric 45 km/h Carver, Carver is now the first to produce a small electric cargo vehicle with the ability to transport chilled or hot products through the insulated 500 litre cargo space. Just like the Carver, the Carver Cargo has the unique DVC tilt system, which ensures that even with a full load, every bend can be taken safely.

“The Cargo is only 98 cm wide and, thanks to its special tilting technology, it moves easily through the city centre. You are not in the way when making deliveries and parking problems are a thing of the past.”

The Cargo is available from: € 9990 (excl. VAT and customisation options).