Our Story


We are Carver, a sustainable Dutch mobility solution. We help you travel faster, smarter and more sustainably from door to door.

The electric Carver is designed as a sustainable transport alternative for commuters and urban professionals. An innovative, compact city vehicle as a solution for the jammed traffic in and around cities. The Carver is equipped with a unique tilting technology that unites the advantages of a car and a scooter in a spectacular new driving experience.

The head office and assembly plant are located in Leeuwarden. All research & development activities take place in ‘s Gravendeel.

Meet our Team

Empowering people to make a smarter, more responsible urban mobility choice with cutting edge enclosed narrow vehicles that spark a lot of fun.



To create a future where everyone has access to smarter, cleaner and more enjoyable means of urban transport.

Our history

Each revolution starts with an insight. Our story goes back to the nineties when our founding father – Anton van den Brink – wanted to battle traffic jams with a smart new vehicle. He asked his son Chris and his team to unite the benefits of a car and a motorcycle. After years of trial and error they came up with the Carver One: an enclosed narrow threewheeler with a revolutionary tilting technology

Despite raving reviews, Carver was far ahead of its time. Only 250 Ones were produced till 2009 when it became a collector’s item. Now we’re back! Fully electric, smarter, smaller and way more affordable. The new Carver improves your daily journey in a spectacular way.