Operational lease

Carefree in the lease

Roadmap operational lease

Step 1

Please fill in the lease request form and press send. This form will be forwarded to Carver

Step 2

Carver will contact you to discuss your application and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3

Carver carries out a credit check after which you will be informed whether your application has been accepted

Step 4

Upon acceptance, you will immediately receive the lease contract, a SEPA direct debit authorisation and the lease terms by e-mail

Step 5

After receipt of your signed lease contract and SEPA direct debit authorisation, the order is placed.

Step 6

As soon as the delivery of your Carver is in sight, you will receive an e-mail from Carver and the delivery will be scheduled.

Step 7

On the day of delivery, you sign the Receipt and your lease contract takes effect.

Step 8

Your Carver driving pleasure can begin!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about the lease application? Check out our frequently asked questions. If your answer is not listed, you can always email us at sales@carver.earth.

Frequently asked questions

Which leasing company do I conclude a leasing agreement with?

If you make an Operational lease request via the Carver website, you will receive a Operational lease agreement of Carver Europe B.V.


Why is acceptance needed?

It is important for you and for Carver to establish that the monthly commitments we enter into are in line with the business situation. To determine whether entering into an Operational Lease agreement is financially responsible, we carry out a credit check.

Down payment

Is there a down payment in the lease price?

By default, no down payment is included in the lease rate. Of course, this is possible in order to lower the lease rate. Please note that the down payment will not be refunded in case of cancellation or termination of the lease agreement or in case of theft/total loss of the Carver. Please contact us to discuss this.


Is a deposit applicable?

No, no deposit is required when entering into an operational lease agreement.


By whom is the Carver ordered?

As soon as we (Carver Europe BV) receive the signed lease contract, the Carver will be ordered.

Are the Carver promotions also valid with leasing?

No, the Carver promotions are not valid in combination with leasing.

Delivery times

There are different delivery times for each type of Carver. Ask us for the current delivery times. Your lease contract starts the moment your Carver is delivered and you have signed for receipt.

Conditions of contract

What is included in the monthly instalment?

Carver Operational Lease is a very complete product and includes the use of the Carver, depreciation, maintenance, repairs, tyre replacement, third-party insurance, comprehensive insurance, passenger insurance and breakdown service.

Can the lease period be extended?

You can indicate during or towards the end of the lease period that you want to extend the lease period. In consultation with Carver, you can determine by how many months you want to extend the lease period. Carver will make a new price calculation for you.

Can the lease period be shortened?

You can indicate during the lease period that you want to shorten the lease period. In consultation with Carver, you can determine by how many months you want to shorten the lease period. Carver will make a new price calculation for you.

Which lease terms are possible?

The terms for operational leasing are: 36, 48 or 60 months. A shorter lease term of at least 12 months is also possible with our Flex lease product. *Different conditions apply when applying for delivery services.

Minimum age

The minimum age for entering into the lease agreement is 18 years. For the driver of the Carver, the minimum age is 16 years in combination with a valid moped driving licence (AM).


Is it possible to include accessories in the lease agreement?

The Carver comes standard without accessories. You can order various accessories in the lease agreement. Note: You cannot exchange accessories during the lease period!

Is it allowed to mount accessories yourself?

You can equip the Carver with additional accessories. It must be possible to fit and remove the accessories without causing damage to the Carver. The accessories must be removed before returning the Carver, otherwise Carver Europe BV will automatically become the owner of the accessories without compensation. Costs for insurance, maintenance, repair, replacement, mounting and removal of the accessories are at your own expense if they are not included in the lease agreement.

End of term/lease period

When does the lease period end?

The lease period ends when the agreed period in months has passed. The lease period also ends when the Carver is returned if the lease agreement is terminated or dissolved.

What to do with the Carver at the end of the term?

If the term of the lease contract has expired and you do not wish to take over the Carver, then you can hand in the Carver at a location specified by Carver. There they are familiar with the return procedure. If you do take over the Carver, then after payment of the take-over price and the final invoice, the lease agreement and the insurance will be terminated. From that moment on, you are the full owner of the Carver.

Can I take over the Carver?

Yes, you can. To do so, please contact Carver to ask for the take-over price. Of course the Carver can also be sold to friends, family or others.

How much should I pay if I want to take over the Carver?

If you want an exact calculation of the takeover price, please contact us.

What should I pay attention to when returning the Carver?

The Carver should be clean and damage free. In case the Carver is not returned clean, cleaning costs can be charged. Furthermore it is important that your own accessories are removed, that all documents and items that belong to the Carver are returned and that any damage is reported to Carver. All items that are left behind on the Carver and that are not included in the lease contract, automatically become the property of Carver Europe B.V. upon return.

What damages are acceptable when returning the Carver?

We consider minor damages appropriate to the age and intensity of use to be acceptable. Larger damages that have not been reported before returning the vehicle will be charged to you with a maximum excess per damage. The excess per event is 250 euros.

Breakdown on the road

What to do if you break down on the road?

If your Carver breaks down, you can contact the breakdown service of Carver Europe BV, via our insurance partner AON. They will help you on your way, and bring you to the nearest James Autoservice branch or other Carver service partner or to the location you came from.

Is tyre replacement included in the lease agreement?

Replacement of tyres due to normal wear and tear are included in the lease agreement. You can have the tyres replaced at your JAMES Car Service outlet.

Where can I go to have damage repaired?

If you have damage, contact Carver and we will discuss where the damage can be repaired. This will usually be the James Autoservice branch or another Carver service partner that also maintains your Carver.

What happens if the Carver is a total loss?

The lease agreement ends on the date on which the damage expert has definitively established that the Carver is technically or economically total loss. You can then choose a new Carver and once again make use of Operational Lease via Carver Europe BV.


Which insurance is included in the monthly payment?

The monthly payment includes an all-risk insurance with an excess of €250 per event. Theft is subject to an excess of €500. Accident and damage insurance, legal expenses insurance and breakdown cover are also included.

Can I take out additional insurance?

No, that is not possible. The most common insurances are included in the monthly payment.

What is the insurance excess?

The personal contribution is € 250. For theft, the personal contribution is € 500.

Is there a different co-payment for young drivers?

Nee, er is geen andere eigen bijdrage van toepassing.

Kan de verzekering uit het contract worden gehaald?
Nee, de cascoverzekering, ongevallen en schade inzittenden verzekering, verhaalsrechtsbijstand verzekering en pechhulp zijn verplichte componenten in de leaseovereenkomst.

Zijn accessoires meeverzekerd?
Accessoires die zijn opgenomen in het leasecontract zijn standaard meeverzekerd. Door jezelf aangeschafte of gemonteerde accessoires zijn niet meeverzekerd in de leaseovereenkomst.

Kan de verzekering aangepast worden? De verzekeringspremie kan gedurende de leaseperiode door Carver Europe BV worden aangepast.


What does the first monthly invoice say?

The first invoice you receive for the monthly instalment contains the monthly instalment from the day of delivery until the end of that month. In addition, at the same time or shortly thereafter, you will receive the invoice for the next (full) monthly instalment

How will the invoice be sent?

We work on the basis of electronic invoicing. This means that you will receive your invoices by e-mail. It is therefore important that you inform us of any changes to your e-mail address as soon as possible.

How does the payment of the invoice work?

This is always done by direct debit; you sign the SEPA direct debit authorisation for this with the lease agreement. It is not possible to stop the direct debit during the term of the agreement.

Are there any other costs associated with the Operational Lease agreement?

In addition to the monthly instalments, only costs for tyre repairs or own contribution in case of damage can be charged.

Early termination

Can I end my lease early?

You can terminate the lease agreement in writing with a notice period of at least 2 months. In case of early termination, you pay a cancellation fee or compensation. This amount is separate from the settlement of any damages and other amounts. The termination fee must be paid before the day of termination. If this has not been done, the termination has no effect and the lease agreement continues until it is terminated in another way. The amount of compensation consists of the total of the following components: a. the difference between the book value calculated in an annuity manner in accordance with the accounts of Carver Europe BV and the market value or, as the case may be, the proceeds in the event of sale; b. A compensation for loss of profit of Carver Europe BV, which is fixed at an amount equal to a maximum of 1/4 of the remaining lease installments with a minimum of three months, which you as contracting party would owe Carver Europe BV for the remaining duration of the lease contract; c. Any other termination costs applicable to Carver Europe BV will be borne by you as contracting party.


How is my personal data handled?

The data that you enter in the application form for operational lease on this website, or that you pass on for the purpose of submitting a lease application by telephone or by e-mail, is processed by Carver Europe B.V. You can read how Carver deals with your personal data in the following Privacy Declarations:

Privacy Statement of Carver Europe B.V.