Lease your Carver Cargo

Choose an electric lease option that suits your company!


Starting price

per month

The bank finances your Carver Cargo, and you repay an amount every month. After this period, your company owns the Carver.

Starting price based on a standard Carver with a contract period of 60 months excluding VAT and a down payment of € 1.800


Starting price

per month

Operational lease is a form of long-term rental. When the contract has ended, you return the Carver.

Starting price based on a Carver Cargo with a contract duration of 60 months excluding VAT

What is Included in the Lease Price?

When leasing your Carver Cargo you pay a fixed amount per month. With Operational, with the exception of your electric charging costs, most costs are included, such as delivery costs, RDW costs, repair, maintenance and insurance.

Note: The financial lease price is exclusive of delivery costs, RDW costs, repairs, maintenance and insurance.

Service maintenance

The lease Carver Cargo has an extensive service package. This includes all costs of repair and maintenance. Maintenance is carried out by one of the 70 service centers of James Autoservice in the Netherlands that work with specially certified technicians.


The lease Carver Cargo comes with our premium insurance package. An extensive third-party / Casco cover * in which you are insured for theft and damage, breakdown collection service and legal recovery assistance. An excess of 250.00 per event applies to business and private lease.


* Different conditions may apply when used for delivery services.

The Pros of Electric Lease


Our Electric Lease Partners

You enter into an agreement with one of our lease partners: Bourguignon, Friesland Lease / Leasefiets or

Bourguignon Lease is one of our lease partners. The lease company of the Northern Netherlands.

Friesland Lease, from its business unit, is one of our lease partners.

Lease deal is part of software company Topicus (> 1,100 FTE) and active member of the Dutch Association of Leasing Companies. They use innovative software, technologies and algorithms so that you can easily calculate and conclude the best and cheapest financing method.