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Investing in Carver
Parking problems, congestion and air pollution all contribute to cars being pushed out of more and more inner cities. Therefor, many people that live or work in cities are looking for alternative modes of transportation.

E-bikes and e-scooters are often chosen as alternatives but they have disadvantages compared to cars in terms of safety, limited luggage-carrying capacity and protection from the elements.

This explains the rapid emergence of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Due to our patented tilting technology, we are able to produce an ultra narrow vehicle that combines the strong elements of a bike, scooter and car. As a result, we are growing rapidly and to facilitate this growth, we need capital.

Carver B.V., the parent company of Carver Europe B.V., is proud to be listed on NPEX, a Dutch stock exchange for SMBs. For more information about investing in Carver, please visit the NPEX website. Please note that investing on NPEX exchange is limited to people living in the Netherlands.

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