Financial Lease for your Carver

Why financial lease?

With Financial Lease you can purchase a Carver for the company, without having to make a large investment. The bank finances your Carver (ex. VAT) and you pay the Carver to the bank. As a business owner you are the direct economic owner and the Carver remains the legal property of the bank during the lease term. As soon as the lease term has been met, your company fully owns the Carver. In addition, the Tax and Customs Administration sees a Financial Lease vehicle as an investment, so that you benefit from many tax benefits. Read more about Financial Leasing your Carver. 

Calculate your Financial Lease price

You can complete your lease application in a few steps. Easily calculate your lease price per month based on the price of a Carver (ex. VAT) and any down payment. The rest of the process is automated and you don’t have to do anything.

This is how the Financial Lease Calculator works

  1. Enter the required information in the lease calculator. 
  2. The purchase value is automatically entered with the price of a Carver excluding VAT.
  3. Enter how much you want to add as a down payment. Read more about deduction options.
  4. Determine the term (24, 36, 48 or 60 months).
  5. If necessary, choose a final term and / or down payment to reduce the amount of the monthly installment.
  6. Click on the button “Request a quote” and fill in your details via Lease-deal .com to receive a digital quote.

Financial Lease and Tax Benefits

Investment allowance

You can deduct an amount from your profit if you have invested in a business asset. You can always submit this to your accountant or financial advisor.

The investment deduction can be divided into different types of deduction:

  • Small-scale deduction
  • Environmental investment deduction (MIA)
  • Electric vehicles (VAMIL)

Interest deduction

With Financial Lease there is from a business loan , so interest paid may be deducted from profit. </ span >

Reclaim VAT
The lease form Financial Lease gives you the option to reclaim VAT. The VAT can be reclaimed in one go, so that no VAT has to be paid on the monthly lease price.

Frequently asked questions about financial leasing

Lease deal is part of the software company Topicus (> 1,100 FTE) and active
member of the Dutch Association of Leasing Companies. They use innovative software, technologies and algorithms so that you can easily calculate and conclude the best and cheapest financing method.

The request

The data is queried in the request process based on previously entered data. In general, it suffices with:
• Chamber of Commerce number customer
• Contact details customer (name, telephone and e-mail address)

Depending on the characteristics of the application, more data may be required (determined by the funder):
• Starter's plan and income tax return for previous years (for starters)
• Annual figures for the past 2 financial years and interim figures for the current year ( if the amount to be financed exceeds the funding party's norm).

Finalize contract

Ultimately, the following matters are also required in the process to deregister a contract: (taking into account the GDPR legislation)
• Proof of identification of authorized signatories
• IBAN number of business bank account (sometimes must be provided a copy of the bank card or a copy of a bank statement)

• IBAN number and (sometimes) copy of the bank card or copy of bank statement
• Identification documents of the authorized signatories
• Pro-forma invoice or final invoice from Carver stating the expected delivery date and registration number or VIN / Chassis number.

• A company registered in the Netherlands
• Creditworthy
• UBO ( ultimate beneficial owner 'or ultimate beneficial owner) not known in fraud registers or at BKR .
• The business asset must match the nature of the business with the nature of the business

This differs and depends on the chosen finance company and its acceptance process. It can take anywhere from 1 hour to 15 working days from request.

• The quality of the information provided is correct and complete
• The purchase price of the asset is correct
• You are creditworthy
• You have not been involved in incidents in the past

Ultimately, the lender decides whether to accept the offered transaction. External factors can also play a role in this.

You and Carver will be kept informed of the application and its status via email or text message.

The financier will pay Carver on the day delivery, on the basis of:

• Legally legally signed lease documentation
• Correct invoice stating the registration number and VIN / chassis number
• At Carver, the so-called RTL registration also applies here at the RDW. This is designed by means of an OTT (order for ascription). This means that the registration number of a vehicle records who is the legal owner of the vehicle. With a financial lease, this is the financier.

If this has been arranged, Carver will contact you to coordinate the delivery of your Carver. This will be done at the nearest James Autoservice point.

• If maintenance is not part of the lease contract, this is at the expense and your own risk.
• If maintenance is part of the lease contract, you must adhere to the maintenance schedules specified by Carver and submit it periodically for maintenance at a Carver certified service partner.

Ultimately, you as a user are always responsible for damage. You can take out insurance yourself for this. Carver is happy to help you with that.

Is stipulated in the contract that at the end of the term, and after all obligations have been met, the legal ownership automatically transfers to the lessee? In that case, after the last payment, the legal ownership lies with the lessee.

Is it stipulated in the contract that at the end of the term the lessee can buy the legal property from the lessor? Then the lessee will have to take an action to obtain legal ownership.