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What is a Carver?
The Carver is the first enclosed narrow vehicle (ENV) with active tilting technology. This offers you a driving sensation unlike anything else out there. According to our customers, it feels like flying the road, offering a unique sensation of freedom! And although the Carver is not much bigger than a scooter, it fits two people and even some extra baggage.
What do I have to watch out for when operating a Carver for the first time?
The Carver behaves differently than any other vehicle you know! It is important to realize that the Carver is an enclosed scooter and not a car.
For your own safety and that of others, it is important that you carefully follow these safety instructions:
● Prevent abrupt steering movements! Correct with smooth steering movements.
● Take corners from the outside inwards. Remember that the Carver widens when tilting.
● Adjust your speed to a walking pace when cornering sharply or at an angle, or in dangerous situations.
● Never deliberately cause the Carver to lose grip.
● Reduce your speed in windy weather.
● Never drive too fast in reverse.
● Acknowledge the acoustic safety signals and adjust your driving behavior immediately.
● Always remain seated in the Carver, even as a passenger, while moving.
● Never use the Carver off-road, on unpaved roads/surface.
For whom is the Carver developed?
The Carver was developed for everyone who needs a future proof and fun transportation solution to improve their daily door-to-door travels in urban areas.
Where is the Carver designed and manufactured?
The Carver is a Dutch product, meaning it's designed and developed in the Netherlands. A large part of its production takes place in South-East Asia. The final assembly, installation of all the electrical circuitry and the final quality control are carried out in our dedicated factory in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
Where am I allowed to park my Carver?
This depends on how you’ve registered your vehicle. If the Carver is registered with an insurance plate, you can park the Carver in the same places where you can park your scooter. If you’ve registered the Carver with a license plate, you need to park it in a designated car parking spot.
Note: momenteel zijn veel gemeentes bezig met het herzien van de wetgeving omtrent het parkeren van voertuigen met een verzekeringsplaat. Neem contact op met de gemeente als je niet zeker weet wat de regels zijn.
How old do I have to be to be able to drive a Carver?
In the Netherlands, you need to be at least 16 years old to be allowed to drive a Carver.
What type of driver's licence do I need?
Because the Carver is classified similarly to a scooter, a scooter driving license is sufficient to be able to operate a Carver. If however, you are already in the possession of a car or motorcycle license, you can just step in and go!
Where am I allowed to drive the Carver?
The traffic rules are similar to that of a 45 km/hr scooter.
Within urban areas, the Carver can be driven on the public roads up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h. On cycle and scooter paths, the Carver is allowed to drive up to a maximum speed of 30 km/hr.
Outside urban areas the Carver needs to stay on the cycle and scooter paths.
Note: the legislation for this type of vehicle is swiftly changing, so always check with your local government if you're unsure about the rules. For example, earlier this year, some local governments decided to move scooters to the regular roadways within the city center. So far this rule only applies within the Amsterdam, but other cities are expected to follow in the future.
I’ve lost my user manual. Where can I find a new one?
Alternatively, we could send you a new physical copy. Please be aware that you need to have a user manual in your Carver at all times, so a Carver mechanic can sign off the maintenance schedule.
What certification does the Carver have?
The Carver is the European type approval for vehicle class L2e.

Specifications & Features

Is the Carver 100% electric?
Yes, the Carver is fully electric.
What is the range of the Carver?
The Carver has range of 100 km. However, there are several factors at play that determine how far you can realistically drive before having to recharge the battery. For example, the outside temperature has an effect on how well the battery can sustain its voltage. Driving in very low temperatures therefore might drain the battery more quickly. For that reason, the Carver has a heating element near the battery to optimize its temperature and guarantee optimal performance.
Furthermore, the weight of the vehicle and how it's used while driving also play a role. Driving through hilly terrain is naturally going to drain the battery more compared to driving on a flat surface. Furthermore, the Carver comes equipped with heaters for defrosting and demisting the windscreen and side windows; both use electricity from the battery.
What are the dimensions of the Carver?
The Carver’s dimensions are 2.89 m length x 1.49 m height x 98 cm width.
What's the Carver's maximum speed?
The Carver’s maximum speed is 45 km/hr and it accelerates from 0 – 45 km/hr in 8 seconds.
What kind of engine does the Carver have?
The Carver is fully electric with a max power of 2 x 2 kW and a max torque of 2 x 150 Nm.
What kind of equipment is included in the Carver?
The Carver comes equipped with a soft cabrio top, sports interior, three-spoke sports steering wheel, electric windscreen defroster, front and rear three-point seat belts, USB plug-in charger, amplifier with Bluetooth connection, two 10 inch high-quality speakers, maxi wide side mirrors, (removable) glass side windows, and more.
How much does the Carver weigh and what is its maximum permissible mass?
The Carver’s unladen mass is 330 kg and its maximum permissible mass is 500 kg.
How much storage space does the Carver have?
The Carver has room for luggage on and around the passenger seat, with an additional 75 liters worth of baggage space in the back. Please make sure to not leave any loose items laying around in the Carver while driving, as this can cause dangerous situations.
Is it safe and allowed to transport a baby or child in the passenger seat?
Dutch legislation requires that the driver and passenger need to make use of the available seat belts. All passengers under the age of 18 years and whose height is below 1.35 meters, need to make use of an officially certified children’s safety seat. Carefully follow the instructions provided with the car seat. When in doubt, ask the manufacturer of the children’s safety seat for advice. It is forbidden to carry more passengers than the amount of seat belts allow for.
Can I transport two small children on the passenger seat?
No, absolutely not! Although the Carver’s passenger seat is quite spacious, it is not safe to transport more than one passenger. You’re allowed to transport one person per seat belt: one driver in front and one passenger in the back.
How much does the Carver cost?
The purchase price of the Carver is €8,990 euro (incl 9% VAT).
Are there any financial benefits for business owners when getting a Carver?
In the event that a Carver is purchased for business purposes the investment can be earmarked for the VAMIL/MIA (Dutch environmental investment deductions).
Calculation example:
Purchase price Carver ex. VAT: € 8,247.71
VAMIL: € 6,185.78 (= 75% of € 8,247.71)
MIA: € 556.72 (= 13.5% or 50% from € 8,247.71)
Total directly deductible: € 6,742.50
Corporate tax deductible:
Less than € 200,000 – 20%: € 1,348.50
More than € 200,000 – 25%: € 1,685.62
In order to be eligible for the VAMIL/MIA the vehicle needs to be listed on the Environmental list, the so called “milieulijst”. In case of the Carver this is B3118. The Carver needs to be registered with a licence plate to be eligible for the the VAMIL/MIA and therefore falls under the 21% tax rule.
Official RVO-site:
Official “milieulijst 2019”:
Does the Carver have heating?
The Carver has no designated heating system, but it comes equipped with a ventilation system on the sides that blows warm air, which can double up as a heating system.
Does the Carver have air conditioning?
No, the Carver does not have air conditioning.
In what colors is the Carver available?
The Carver comes in four colors: gun metal grey, white, blue and tangerine.

Charging & Battery

What kind of battery does the Carver use?
The Carver uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, with a capacity of 5.4 kWh.
How do I charge the Carver?
To recharge your Carver, use the retractable charging cord stored in the battery compartment, accessible via the rear end of the vehicle, and plug it in a regular 220 V outlet. Alternatively, you could use a car charging station with a converter to 220 V.
How long does it take to charge a Carver?
It takes approximately 4.2 hours to charge your Carver to 80% and 6.5 hours to recharge it completely.
How much does it cost to charge my Carver?
The cost of charging you Carver of course depends on how much you yourself pay for electricity. To give you a rough estimate however, it will cost approximately 0.21 x 3.8 = € 0.80 for a full charge.
Note: this calculation is based on the current electricity prices on the Dutch market. Costs may vary for your situation.
Is it harmful to the battery if I charge my Carver when it's still 50% full?
No. The Carver makes use of a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. This type of battery does not lose any of its quality or capacity if you charge it when it's half full.
Can I charge my Carver at a car charging station on the street?
With a converter to 220 V, you can charge your Carver using a car charging station.
Does the Carver make use of regenerative braking?
Yes, the Carver makes use of regenerative braking, thus the battery will recharge some of its power while descending or braking.
What is the battery's life span?
At this point it is difficult to make an accurate assessment of the total life expectancy of the battery because the only tests we've done so far were in a controlled setting. Before we can make any definitive statements about the battery's lifespan, we need to look at its performance in a real-life situation through continuous use over many years. We expect however, that the battery will last at least ten years.
How environmentally sustainable are Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries?
Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are considered more environmentally sustainable than other batteries because they use non-toxic materials and have a longer life-cycle than other batteries.
What are some of the benefits of using a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery compared to other batteries?
● Longer cycle life than other lithium-ion batteries.
● Constant discharge voltage, meaning it will deliver consistently full power until it's empty.
● Much slower degradation and rate of capacity loss compared to other lithium-ion batteries, even when repeatedly charged intermittently.
● Superior chemical stability compared to other batteries.
● Superior thermal stability. LiFePO4 batteries produce only 5% of the heat generated by other lithium-ion batteries.


Do I have to insure my Carver?
Yes, a liability insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands.
What does it cost to insure my Carver?
We offer three different insurance packages. The Standard option with mandatory liability insurance starts at €10 p/m (ASR scooter liability premiums are dependant on customer profile (postal code, age and driving history among others). The Plus package starts from €16 p/m and the Premium insurance from €19 p/m. WA is always calculated separately, also for Plus and Premium.
We work with two insurance companies. ASR takes care of the liability insurance and Kingpolis the rest, but everything is arranged through Kingpolis. You only need to contact Kingpolis if you have questions about the insurance.
What is included in each insurance package?
The following is included in each insurance package:

Carefree options




Liability (mandatory)



All Risk


Run-in Service**

Roadside Assistance


Cost per month

€10 / mo* (entry-level price)

€16 / mo (incl. VAT, excl. liability)

€19 / mo (incl. VAT, excl. liability)

* ASR scooter liability premiums are dependant on customer profile (postal code, age and driving history amongst others).
** at the value of € 88 (incl 21% vat)
How do I contact Kingpolis?
You can contact Kingpolis using:
1. Contactformulier:
2. Phone: +31 (0)85 - 7441650
3. Email:


What’s the duration of the warranty?
A warranty period of 2 years applies to all Carver products. For the battery, a period of 24 months applies or 1,000 charges, whichever comes first. The warranty period commences at the time of delivery to the Customer.
What's included in the warranty?
The warranty will be due only in case of defects or production’s noncompliance of the product, and only when the product has been used under the terms established in the user manual.
What's not included in the warranty?
Tires are not included in the warranty.
What actions would nullify the warranty of your Carver?
In the following cases, the warranty lapses or a claim under the warranty is excluded:
● The product has been used improperly or carelessly or has been damaged by a traffic accident or fall;
● The damage is due to normal wear and tear;
● The product has not been sufficiently maintained by the Customer
● Repairs have been carried out improperly or not by Carver or a third party designated by Carver;
● Non-original parts have been used for repairs;
● The product has changed;
● Climatic influences such as normal weathering or discoloration of (parts of) the product;
● If the product has been used for rental purposes.
Note: Only the first owner is entitled to a warranty. The warranty is not transferable.
What's the warranty on the battery?
Carver lithium batteries are covered by a warranty for material and/ or manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months or 1000 recharge cycles, depending on the first to occur.
What actions would nullify the warranty of the battery?
The warranty ends immediately in case of modifications and/or unauthorized repairs of the battery, or when the defect or non-compliance is communicated to Carver or service partner Moobi more than 7 calendar days after the receipt of the goods, or from the date of notification of the defect or non-conformity. Only Carver-certified technicians are authorized to open the battery, otherwise the warranty becomes null and void.
How do I make a warranty claim?
The Customer can only make a warranty claim if the original sales receipt can be shown to Carver. Only the first owner is entitled to a warranty. The warranty is not transferable.
1. Defects and claims under this warranty must be filed by the Customer to Carver by e-mail, stating the order number and photo of the relevant part, within 7 calendar days after discovery of the defect. Should it be necessary for Carver to inspect the product in order to assess the defect/claim, Carver may require that it inspects the product for review and an appropriate solution for the inspection will be sought in consultation with the Customer.
2. Carver reserves the right to determine whether the product or a part thereof qualifies for repair or replacement. In case of replacement, the product becomes the property of Carver (again).
3. Carver will acknowledge or reject the claim within a reasonable period of time.
4. Any costs of transport of (parts of) the product to and from Carver will be borne by the Customer, unless the defect is covered by the warranty.

Service & maintenance

How often does my Carver require maintenance?
The first run-in check should occur after 500 km or within 1 year, whichever happens first. After that the Carver requires maintenance every 4,000 km.
Check your user manual for the maintenance schedule.
What gets checked during maintenance?
During the first run-in check, the following gets checked:
● Windscreen washer fluid level
● Brake fluid level
● Dashboard functionality (windscreen wiper, horn etc.)
● Lighting
● Doors, locks, seats and rear storage
● Control shaft functionality
● Wheel suspension
● Tyre pressure and wear
● Handbrake check
Finally, a test drive is done to ensure proper functionality of the Carver.
What are the costs of maintenance service?
The first run-in service is included in the insurance and is therefore free of charge. It has a value of €88 (incl. 21% VAT) as is estimated at 1 hour max labor time by Carver-certified mechanic at a Moobi Center.
After the first run-in service you pay for the mechanic’s time plus the costs for repairs that aren’t covered by your insurance.
What do I do if my Carver is damaged?
Please contact your nearest Moobi center to make an appointment. Click here to get an overview of all Moobi centers.
My Carver has broken down. Who do I contact?
Please contact Carver Support at +31 (0)85-1302484. If roadside assistance is included in your insurance, please contact VHD at the phone number provided on your insurance card.
Where can I get service?
It is possible to get service at the Carver factory in Leeuwarden or at one of the Moobi centers located throughout the Netherlands. Click here to get an overview of all Moobi centers and to see which one is closest to your home.
Can I have repairs carried out by a third party?
Als je reparaties aan de Carver of accu laat uitvoeren door een derde partij vervalt onmiddellijk de garantie. Reparaties mogen alleen worden uitgevoerd door een Carver-gespecialiseerde monteur.

Ordering process, Logistics & Delivery

I don't live in the Netherlands. Can I order a Carver?
We currently only sell the Carver within the Netherlands. In the future we will also evaluate market opportunities in other countries but we would need to extend our service and support network first before venturing abroad. Of course you are free to order a Carver and have it shipped to your country at your own initiative. Please note that the vehicle might not be adapted to your country's (safety) standards. The Carver has received EU type approval for vehicle class L2e and it comes with an EU household Shuko plug for charging and a KPH display. If your country has different requirements you will need to make changes to the Carver yourself. Furthermore, arranging shipping, insurance, and maintenance will all be your own responsibility. The warranty will also quickly become void because you need regular maintenance from a Carver-certified mechanic in order to keep the warranty.
This is currently only possible within the Netherlands.
How can I request a quote?
Go to in case you want to purchase a Carver for business purposes and/or for multiple Carvers.
Can I test drive the Carver?
Yes! From September, we will offer test drives throughout the Netherlands. You can register at:
What is the delivery time for my Carver?
This depends on when you order your Carver. As soon as you have placed your order, we will contact you to schedule a test drive. After the test drive you can confirm your order and a delivery time will be determined. The first Carvers will be delivered from September 2019.
How is my Carver delivered?
If you have placed a pre-order before 1 September, we will deliver your Carver in front of your door or at an agreed-upon location. Orders placed from September 1st can be picked up at the nearest Moobi center at < 25 km. If the nearest Moobi Centre is further away, there will be a delivery charge.
Is the Carver available through a dealer?
No. We have no plans to make the Carver available through a dealer network.


How do I contact you?
You can contact us at +31 (0)85-1302484 or at
How do I leave a complaint?
It is important to us that all our customers are satisfied with the Carver and our service. If this is not the case, we would appreciate it if you would let us know, so that we can continue to improve our product and service.
By phone.
Please contact us between 9:00 and 17:00 on +31 (0)85-1302484 and one of our employees will help you further.
In writing.
Send us an email at We will respond within 3 working days.
How can I submit a GDPR request?
Send us an email at Please use the words “GDPR request” in the subject line. We will reply as soon as possible and in any event within one month (30 days) following our receipt of your written request.