Buying the Carver as a vehicle for reduced mobility

The Carver meets the legal requirements for a vehicle for reduced mobility as laid down in the 1990 Traffic Rules and Signs Regulations (RVV 1990). The Carver is a suitable vehicle for many people with a physical disability, thanks to the ease of driving (electric motor, automatic transmission) and the doors that can be opened extra wide.

If you purchase the Carver as a vehicle for reduced mobility, this will be visible with an insurance plate instead of the regular yellow license plate. View the website of the Dutch government for more information about driving a disabled vehicle.

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Consequences for the use of the Carver

For vehicles for reduced mobility, different traffic and usage rules apply:

  • Drivers of a vehicle for reduced mobility may drive both inside and outside city limits on the sidewalk or footpath (max. 6 km / h), on the cycle path (max. 30 km / h within city limits and max. 45 km / h) u outside the city limits), or on the roadway (max. 45 km / h).
  • You may park on the sidewalk provided you leave enough space for pedestrians.
  • You do not need a driver’s license to drive the Carver as an invalid vehicle.
  • You can park for free in a disabled parking lot with a disabled card.
  • In a parking disc zone you may park without a parking disc. Your disabled parking card must be visible.
  • In places where parking is prohibited, you can park with a disabled card for a maximum period of 3 hours. The start time must be indicated with a parking disc.

Reduced VAT rate when purchasing a Carver for reduced mobility

The Carver Limited as a vehicle for reduced mobility is subject to VAT for aids to improve mobility and thus the reduced 9% rate. This allows you to benefit from a reduced purchase price from € 8,990 including 9% VAT.