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You can purchase the Carver as a company or lease vehicle for employees. Curious about the business benefits for your company? View our corporate options or request more information about Carver using the button below.

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Never miss an appointment with this ideal city vehicle.


The most advantageous form of business electric driving.


100% emission-free for sustainable business kilometers.


Warm and dry in any season.


Room for two plus luggage. Range of 100 km. Recharge anywhere.

Starting price

per month

The bank finances your Carver, and you pay a fixed amount every month. After this period, your company owns the Carver.

The starting price is based on a standard Carver with a contract period of 60 months excluding VAT.

Starting price

per month

Operational Lease is a form of long-term rental. When the contract has expired, you have to return the Carver.

The starting price is based on a standard Carver with a contract period of 60 months excluding VAT.

Starting price

excl. VAT

You purchase the Carver for your business and can use deduction options such as KIA, VAMIL and MIA. Read More

The starting price is based on a standard Carver without accessories.

Carver Cargo

The 100% electric Carver Cargo makes urban freight logistics effortless. Whether you are a small or large entrepreneur, we have a versatile, sustainable and safe alternative for the use of vans and delivery scooters.

Tax benefits when purchasing a Carver

A Carver is seen as a business asset and that is why you, as a business owner, are entitled to the small-scale investment deduction (KIA) of 28% of the investment amount. Because the Carver is a fully electric vehicle, the environmental investment deduction (MIA, 13.5%) and Random Depreciation Environmental Investments (Vamil, 75%) are added to this. These schemes can be applied to 50% of the investment amount (code B3118 on the list).

This means that a large part of the investment can already be charged to your operating profit in the year of purchase. A number of calculation examples are included below (situation in 2020). Consult your own bookkeeper or accountant for the actual benefit in your particular case.

Help with applying for VAMIL and MIA

To apply for the additional tax schemes (MIA / VAMIL), the investment must be reported to RVO within 3 months of entering into your obligation. To be able to make this report, you must have e-recognition.

Carver does not only make driving easy, we can also completely relieve you of applying for tax schemes. When confirming your order, you can purchase this as an extra service from us. You then authorize us to have the application handled by our accountant. Contact us for more information.

Calculation example: What are the tax benefits if I purchase a Carver?


Income Tax
Purchase costs Carver ex. VAT € 8,248
KIA28.00%of € 8,248  € 2,309
MIA13.50%of € 4,124*  € 557
Vamil75.00%of € 4,124*  € 3,093
Total directly deductible from your profit € 5,959
Net investment 37.35%   € 6,022
Net investment 49.50%   € 5,298

If your company has to pay corporate tax, there is an additional deduction option for the Carver:

Deductible Corporate Tax:
Purchase costs Carver ex. VAT € 8,248
KIA28.00%over€ 8,248  € 2,309
MIA13.50%over€ 4,124*  € 557
Vamil75.00%over€ 4,124*  € 3,093
Total directly deductible from your profit € 5,959
Net investment 16.50%   € 7,264
Net investment 25.00%   € 6,758

To be eligible for the VAMIL / MIA, the vehicle must be listed on the “Environmental List”. The Carver falls under code B3118 on this list.

* based on 50% of the investment

Corporate Usage Costs when driving a Carver

No road tax and no bpm

Because the Carver is registered as a microcar you don’t have to road tax and bpm (tax on passenger cars and motorcycles).

Charging costs

Fully charging the Carver battery costs about € 1,-. Your fuel costs are therefore about € 0.01/km.


You have insured your Carver from € 15,-/month excl VAT.


The maintenance costs of your Carver depends on your driving style (tire and brake wear) and the distances you drive. With normal use, the annual maintenance costs will be between € 250,- and € 300,-. For maintenance you can contact one of the 70 service centers of James Autoservice.


For privately driven kilometers in a Carver, you need to calculate your own addition. Depending on your income tax scale this addition will be between € 0.14/km and € 0.20/km.


VAMIL / MIA As an entrepreneur you can claim the VAMIL / MIA schemes (deductions Dutch environmental investments). Click here for more information

Deduction corporate income tax

For companies that have to pay corporate income tax, there is an additional deduction option for the business Carver.

More than 70 Carver service points.

Thanks to our partner JAMES Autoservice you are always assured of a Carver specialist close to you in the Netherlands.

Even more fun with the Dutch Tax Benefits

Discover the tax benefits of corporate driving with the VAMIL and MIA benefits, where the deduction options can run up to 80% of the purchase price.